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hello humans, i just found this community and i have got something to say. good timing, huh? anyways...

we were talking about how acid is the solution. about how people in the sixties were in contact for the first time with acid and what it did to them. and about what it did to us. and about how the whole world would benefit from this. and about how we could throw a lot of acid in the water from a big city like new-york just to see what would be the result. some say it's a bad idea, there would be people going crazy from what they experience and everything, and i know it is true. so then what? i want to give acid to people, or to make them feel what we live on acid. it is not a bad drug, so little is actually known about the human brain's functions, and i know acid affects it in a way that we use parts of it that were never used before. like that time when i could control the muscles of the focus in my eyes and made my vision perfect for a couple of seconds before i lost the awareness.

i don't know. sometimes i feel there is so much intelligence in the world that is misused because it is not free, because it is captive of what babylone taught us. but what if we deprogrammed them all, and made them pure human beings, as in life in a body and nothing more? really, i feel this is the solution to the every problem humanity is faced to now.
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