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"We're a virus with shoes, all right?"

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5/24/05 02:00 am - mythai


do you like stories? are you interested in my story?
feel free to add me and I will add you back, bye!


5/18/05 04:46 am - georgiablueeyes

So I was thinking (as I sometimes do when I've nothing better to fill my time) about prostitutes and how I felt about them. 'Self', I said, ' How do you feel about prostitutes, and do you think that it should be legal, what they're doing?' Much to my surprise, I found myself answering yes. I had never really bothered to pose these questions to myself before but as I thought it out with as much logic as my tiny little brain could muster, I realized it made sense that way.

You see, prostitutes, having illegal professions, are forced into the underbelly of society, where they are mistreated in so many ways or, in far too many cases, even killed. If prostitution was made legal, it could be dredged up from where it is now and have an eye or three kept on it. It's like those parents who buy alcohol for their underage children, because they're going to do it anyway and the parents might as well know what's going on instead of having everyone sneak behind their backs. It wouldn't solve everything, but I think it would make it a lot safer.

I have no problem with people using their bodies in that way if they made the choice to do so and weren't forced into it because of necessity or whatever else. There are just so many horrible, slimy things that occur simply because of this profession being pushed into the dark corners where, even if people can see the bad shit going down, they can't really do anything about it.

Wellity well, that's my two cents. Would anyone care to share theirs?

5/4/05 09:59 am - i_think_i_think - ch-ch-ch-changes


this article says that because people don't change their behaviour, even if told 'change or die', that we (everyone) are stuck in varied crisis. healthcare is the example they use.

I like the thinking because instead of focusing on all the present or future inventions/procedures they reverse engineered & said ah-ha! it's the people fucking themselves up despite whatever we invent/cure/etc. I think reverse engineering is probably the most brilliant line of correction/solving.

& in my own thinking I've come to one conclusion. if you reverse engineer enough all problems seem to point to god. now going waaaay back christians are outta the picture so it's just the jewish & islamic & a guy name Abe that didn't do his estate planning so well & thus family feud (well, fucking the slave girl i'm sure didn't help.)

now, that said, i think the 'god idea' did help us to some degree but god isn't so much the problem but a pacifier - a bad habit of sucking the human thumb to comfort us (3rd eye timmy leary intro, anyone? lol) because of course death isn't going to deter anyone!; not when most think they're going to live eternal.*

so 4 things:
1) thoughts on reverse engineering type thought? what other ways do you use?
2) is it god or something else?
3) what do you think would make us 'less' silly humans?

& no, i don't think blowing off god will make anyone be healthier, just less silly.

5/2/05 08:23 pm - bagelwhore - The Less You Wear, the More You Need Nair

its fun to watch people
not in a stalkeresque kinda way
just "people-watch" in general
i heard that they do that in europe
its interesting to see what people around you can think of when they look at other people too
my friends and i can try to pick out the future for someone we see
in a flash or a glance we can determine their past as we see fit
the beauty is that it is something everyone can de
we do it with everyone we see
its a natural thing
i remember when i was in 9th
i would always look down to this one couple from my classroom
they would fascinate me
everyday i could tell what kind of day they had
simply because of the way they acted towards each other
i also remember watching this guy a table down in a restaurant one time
i could tell he was flirting with the waitress
i could also tell that they had never met
it was quite a sight to see this guy trying to hard to impress this waitress
it made me smile
the next time we went into that restaurant, i noticed that the guy was back
and sure enough with more watching i could see that the waitress was on her shift
this time an older couple was sitting down and she was paying attention to them
then she introduced the guy to them
and from assumption, i am guessing they were her parents or something
how sweet, right?

5/3/05 09:30 am - revgonzo - Modern Truths, A Succinct Poem.

I am not a crook, Richard Nixon.
I did not have sex with that woman, Bill Clinton.
Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, Dubyah
I promise I will not cum in your mouth, Me.

5/2/05 05:42 pm - timothy_leary

US church's illegal tea faces ban


5/1/05 01:32 pm - timothy_leary

Please leave comments in this post for suggestions of things to add to the interest list. Everything you suggest will go in unless it's really stupid.

4/5/05 02:06 pm - i_think_i_think - religous recovery movie night

so it's movie night at the teen centre & you really want to get these sundayschool kids off their fix, what do you do? movies. nothing goes better with munchies than movies. my recommendations & curious to hear any thoughts on the choices, your choices, & all things etc.

1) fight club
2) power of myth (not a movie but 6 dvd's in the set makes this stephen'stand'king equivalent'
3) i heart huckabees
4) what the bleep do we know
5) (this was reaching but...) what dreams may come
6) pi
7) taped episodes of bob ross

3/28/05 07:35 pm - zillah_vamp

Hi, I'm new, and although I can see there's not a huge amount going on here, it seems like a cool idea for a community, so I thought I might as well join. I love Bill Hicks, and I like the debates that have been ongoing here, even if there are only a couple...I like the Bill Hicks-ness going on,lol...
Anyway, I think it'd be cool to start another debate, and if anyone has any ideas...throw them out there...You wouldn't have joined if you didn't like to...
I don't want to suggest anything, cos I'm new,lol, but I'd like to see this place a little more active...
Looking forward to chatting to you all,

3/9/05 12:53 pm - stoicemcee - America as a Metaphor

What would yo decribe as a Metaphor for America? Me personally I would have to say America is a pre-pubecent(SP?)/per-adolecent, immature little child> I was just wonderin what you all thought.

Add reasons if you want!

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